mosaic of photography by Rick Horowitz processed in a painterly manner

One of my innumerable interests is photography and digital art.  More than once in my life, I wished I’d been able to seriously devote myself to a career in photography.  Unfortunately for me, I’m a better photographer than business-person and each attempt at “going pro” has run smack dab up against the problem of figuring out how to get paid enough not to need any other income-producing vocation.

For now, I’m focusing primarily on my job as an attorney, with side-forays — thanks to a friend who owns a photographic studio — into the world of photography and digital art.

As for the digital art, I’m fairly famililar with Photoshop (currently I’m using CS2, but hope to make the jump to CS4 soon).  I also own Painter X, but haven’t quite mastered its various features; I’m fairly limited in how I use it.

Eventually, I’ll try to sign up for one of those one-week Painter X workshops and learn how to make an entire painting from scratch.  For the time being, I usually do composition and major tweaks to photographic images I’ve created and then import that into Painter X if I want to add some more painterly effects.

Since I don’t yet know how to create some of the things I want from scratch, but artificial intelligence and an Adobe Stock subscription supplement my creative activities. (I’m really digging artificial intelligence for creating some images and backgrounds. I’ll have to do a separate post on that!)

With my technology background, I’ve been able to design and maintain all my own websites. (You can see the current list at the bottom of the sidebar on this site. If you’re on a mobile device, it might be below the post you’re reading.) 

Most of the sites I design these days are done with WordPress, so I’ve been expanding my programming knowledge to include PHP.  (In fact, I hope soon to remove the gallery software I’m using at So Shoot Me!® and replace it with a nicer-looking WordPress photoblog theme.)

If you like some of the images you see here, or the web designs I’ve created, and are interested in having your photographic, art (including advertising), or web design handled by me, drop a line to rick over here at  (I assume you know how to assemble that into a proper email address; I’m trying to avoid spammers and I don’t have a contact form ready for this domain yet.)

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    1. My apologies for not responding to you sooner.

      Due to my normal way of working, I have not continued working with the CamRanger very much. I found that in my studio, for some reason, it would frequently drop the connection. I got tired of having to restart everything to make it work, and so I essentially quit working with it.

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