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Formerly known as “So Shoot Me!®,” RickHorowitz.Photography is the website where I showcase my photography. I am, as you can read there, an award-winning photographer. As the About page for So Shoot Me!® notes, I blog at unpredictable times and intervals.  However, I’ve been blogging a lot more frequently there these days. Although by day I am a…
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RHDefense: The Law Office of Rick Horowitz

RHDefense™ is a name I picked out when I first started blogging as a law student. Since I’ve been “blogging” since before the invention of blogging software — although it was not yet called “blogging” at the time — and since “blawgs” (hate the name, by the way) were becoming popular, I knew I’d want…
An ancient computer in a dingy office has the words "All that's left of some poor soul's past...the ephemeral nature of technology lost it" and a dino skeleton is beneath the words on the screen

Unspun™ : All That’s Left of Some Poor Soul’s Past

Unspun™ started around 2003 as a blog where I could react to the increasingly conservative “spin” on the news which now has become almost self-parody at Faux News. From 2003 to 2008, Unspun™ functioned as my “personal blog,” distinct from various “professional blogs” I kept for businesses like TechStop™. With the advent of RickHorowitz.com, I now intend to have Unspun™ focus more carefully on political and social commentary.
RHDefense is where I fight like I'm the third monkey, trying to get on Noah's Ark

Fresno Criminal Defense

I’ve been involved in the Internet since before it was commercially available.  While (somewhat) aimlessly pursuing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, I became involved with some computer scientists and philosophers who were looking into neural networks and other cognitive science issues.  Without getting into too long of a story here, the ultimate point is that…
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JDSupra Profile

Occasionally, I used to post some of my legal writing to my profile on the JDSupra website. I don’t post a lot there for a variety of reasons.  After all, a big part of my living is made by writing motions for other attorneys.  If I give too much away, I reduce my ability to…
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Twitter — now unfortunately known as “X” for “Idiot” — is a web application I’ve been enjoying way more than I should. At first, I was very resistant to the idea of joining.  Then my friend @jonimueller, who I originally met because of her WordPress web workings, kept at me long enough that I finally…

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