image of rick horowitz with text indicating that he speaks spanish and is a criminal defense lawyer, owner of rhdefense, the law office of rick horowitz

RHDefense™ is a name I picked out when I first started blogging as a law student. Since I’ve been “blogging” since before the invention of blogging software — although it was not yet called “blogging” at the time — and since “blawgs” (hate the name, by the way) were becoming popular, I knew I’d want my own website with a blog for my law office once I was sworn in.

Well, the website turned out to be the easy part. The blog didn’t come along until much later. When it did — I confess, I have a “domain fetish” — I registered “Probable Cause” for the domain name of the blog. “Probable Cause,” of course, is a really low standard of review; hence the subtitle.

To check it out for yourself, click on over to RHDefense: The Law Office of Rick Horowitz and its embedded blog, Probable Cause: The Legal Blog with the Really Low Standard of Review.

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