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I’ve been involved in the Internet since before it was commercially available.  While (somewhat) aimlessly pursuing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, I became involved with some computer scientists and philosophers who were looking into neural networks and other cognitive science issues.  Without getting into too long of a story here, the ultimate point is that my longevity on the Internet taught me a thing or two about websites and search engines.

So even prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney, I knew that I wanted

Unfortunately, someone else owned it, although the person who owned it wasn’t doing anything with it.

A few weeks ago, a third-party contacted me, stating that they had purchased the domain and asking if I wanted to buy it.  After a little haggling over the price, it was mine.

Since then, I’ve worked on building the website there and just this week noticed that I’d placed on the first page of Google for the phrase “fresno criminal defense.”

I already owned and had worked hard on developing that site and blog (both of which also place well with the search engines).  So I made a decision: keep the focus for regional, focusing on criminal defense law in Fresno County and its immediate environs; the blog at will be for more general commentary.

The real trick is going to be keeping the content fresh and useful on both sites!

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