Photograph of my current refurbished zettelkasten

The Oracle & the Zettelkasten

I have been on a journey pretty much my entire life to learn. And that has also required focusing on learning how to learn. Lately, I’ve gotten a great boost by making a determined study of two areas: AI, and zettelkästen. Since the primary AI programs I use are ChatGPT-4 for discussions, and an index-card-based…
AI-generated image (by me) of Bugs, Bugs Bunny, Bugsy Malone, all blended into one. It looks like a buggy bunny gangsta with a grungy bug feel to it


Have I ever mentioned that I hate bugs? Well, let me tell you. From the wascally wabbit, Bugs Bunny, with his carrot-chomping grin to the uninvited guests at every picnic, those backyard bugs. Even the notorious Bugsy Malone, with his splurge gun antics, can’t worm his way into my affections. Those invisible flu bugs? They…
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