Photograph of my current refurbished zettelkasten

The Oracle & the Zettelkasten

I have been on a journey pretty much my entire life to learn. And that has also required focusing on learning how to learn. Lately, I’ve gotten a great boost by making a determined study of two areas: AI, and zettelkästen. Since the primary AI programs I use are ChatGPT-4 for discussions, and an index-card-based…
AI-generated image (by me) of Bugs, Bugs Bunny, Bugsy Malone, all blended into one. It looks like a buggy bunny gangsta with a grungy bug feel to it


Have I ever mentioned that I hate bugs? Well, let me tell you. From the wascally wabbit, Bugs Bunny, with his carrot-chomping grin to the uninvited guests at every picnic, those backyard bugs. Even the notorious Bugsy Malone, with his splurge gun antics, can’t worm his way into my affections. Those invisible flu bugs? They…
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image of fountain pen on a piece of paper which it was used to write on, meant to represent my writing and blogging

This Blog, That Blog & Other Writings

I just realized (today) that I’ve had a button hanging out on the main page for a long time with nothing linked to it, so I figure I better talk about this blog, my other blogs, and my writing generally. I built and maintain most of my websites, and they always include blogs. Read on,…
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How I Use My Sourdough Starter

Introduction: More Right Ways Than Wrong Ways I’m writing this note on how I use my sourdough starter because a friend started a starter, and then contacted me with questions. Among other things, she had become confused by the fact that there are so many different “recipes,” or directions for how to start a starter. …
yard sign saying "hate won't make America great"

A Bloodless, Bloody Coup

Imagine you were living in the early 1930s in Germany. You saw what was happening with a hardcore right-wing group that used hate, and even sometimes violence, to achieve its political goals. There were elections coming. But you decided not to vote. It just wasn’t your thing. Plus, you “knew” the rabble-rousing right-wingers were just so…
Rick Horowitz Photography: Camera + Artistry


Formerly known as “So Shoot Me!®,” RickHorowitz.Photography is the website where I showcase my photography. I am, as you can read there, an award-winning photographer. As the About page for So Shoot Me!® notes, I blog at unpredictable times and intervals.  However, I’ve been blogging a lot more frequently there these days. Although by day I am a…
Malshandir Butthurt Cream

Malshandir, for Butthurt

Recently, a controversy broke out over the name “Malshandir.” I’d have never known anything about it, but a friend of mine, Ken White over at Popehat, wrote about it. He mentioned on another website that he wanted a Photoshop image created with a tube of a substance called “Malshandir Butthurt Cream,” for “when your ass…
image showing my website on a computer indicating that I unbroke my website

I Unbroke My Site

This is a really major irritation.  I’ve no idea how this happened, but apparently the Featured Content Carousel plug-in became activated on my website.  I don’t know if I was experimenting with something and didn’t realize what I’d done, or if it was some theme I tried out briefly and then deleted, or what. At…
a bunch of errors illustrated

I Broke My Site

Well, it looks like I broke RickHorowitz — my website, anyway. At least, I broke the “slideshow” function at the top of the page. You’re probably tired of hearing me say this (you who might have found this blog via some Google search and then started reading several of the articles, even though the site…
journaling into the night seems a fitting image for this post about personal blogging

Personal Blogging

This blog doesn’t get updated much. The effect shows in the non-readership and I’m not really terribly concerned about that. This blog was originally created with the intent that it would be a “personal” blog, but blogging about my personal life seems to me problematic. At first, I thought it would be a great idea…

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