image showing my website on a computer indicating that I unbroke my website

I Unbroke My Site

This is a really major irritation.  I’ve no idea how this happened, but apparently the Featured Content Carousel plug-in became activated on my website.  I don’t know if I was experimenting with something and didn’t realize what I’d done, or if it was some theme I tried out briefly and then deleted, or what. At…
a bunch of errors illustrated

I Broke My Site

Well, it looks like I broke RickHorowitz — my website, anyway. At least, I broke the “slideshow” function at the top of the page. You’re probably tired of hearing me say this (you who might have found this blog via some Google search and then started reading several of the articles, even though the site…
a picture of Zeus at a laptop computer expresses my excitement over a new laptop to replace my ancient computer, but this new one was laughable

Woo-hoo! (New Laptop)

In keeping with my commitment to writing more frequently, I’ve recently purchased a more portable laptop. I bought a Gateway LT2030u. It’s red and weighs about 2.5 or so pounds. It’s tiny! But the keyboard is managable, even with my hands. I bought this one because it came with a 250 GB hard drive, 1…
Banner for All Things Rick and Wonderful, the website of Rick Horowitz at exists as a kind of “umbrella site” to tie together and showcase my various websites, interests and activities.  You may not care much about these things, and that’s fine by me.  I built this site primarily “because I can” and I wanted another website challenge. Here you’ll find information about and links to other…
staying up all night designing blogs is not always fun

Revolution Office Theme & Blog

The modification of the Revolution Office theme without support, or a manual, and with my limited experience with PHP and WordPress™ has been both a real pain in the hiney and a somewhat satisfying learning experience.
An AI-generated image depicting issues with image sizing shows a small man in front of a vast computer, images and colors abound and proportions are not realistic

Image Sizing

This is an old post about problems I had when I was developing the first version of this website. I’ve added this paragraph, and a Featured Image, but otherwise left it alone for posterity. Image sizing seems to be a problem.  From what I can tell from the code, there is just one way to…
Banner for All Things Rick and Wonderful, the website of Rick Horowitz at

Letting My Hair Down

This site is where I let my hair down. Everyone is different in private life versus professional life; everyone is entitled to both. Don’t judge my professionalism or ability as an attorney by what you might see on this site.  This site is meant to allow me some self- expression and enjoyment that isn’t necessarily…
Open Neon Signage Turned on

Coming Soon Here, Now!

This will be the future is the site for Rick Horowitz. As promised, it will tie together “All things Rick™,” including other websites belonging to Rick and, possibly, links to his Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Linked-In and other sites. (You can see a list of my own current websites in the sidebar. Or, if you are…

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