a picture of Zeus at a laptop computer expresses my excitement over a new laptop to replace my ancient computer, but this new one was laughable

In keeping with my commitment to writing more frequently, I’ve recently purchased a more portable laptop.

I bought a Gateway LT2030u. It’s red and weighs about 2.5 or so pounds. It’s tiny! But the keyboard is managable, even with my hands.

I bought this one because it came with a 250 GB hard drive, 1 MB RAM and said the battery life was 7+ hours, whereas all the other comparable laptops said the battery life was about 3.75 hours.

With this configuration, this laptop is actually more powerful than the laptop I use for work!

At any rate, I should be able to do more work when away from the office, since this is so much easier to carry than even my ordinary laptop. And with the Internet access, I can do legal research, blog, and will be able to advance my book project, as well.

Can you imagine if Jack Kerouac had had one of these puppies?

You might say, I’m a happy camper. You might hear me say, “Woo-hoo!”

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