Banner for All Things Rick and Wonderful, the website of Rick Horowitz at exists as a kind of “umbrella site” to tie together and showcase my various websites, interests and activities.  You may not care much about these things, and that’s fine by me.  I built this site primarily “because I can” and I wanted another website challenge.

Here you’ll find information about and links to other places where I’m active on the Internet, including websites I’ve built for my law practice and photographic activities, as well as my profiles on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

Because functions as the site for All Things Rick and Wonderful™, it focuses primarily on my non-lawyering activities, both personal and those non-law-related things for which I’m sometimes paid (like photography).

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  1. Just read your article in Chgo Trib. “All that shouting, and some of us are still clueless”. Thank you- I couldn’t agree more. These “angrys” remind me of Puritan America and the Salem trials. Far too much hysterics. I thought USA was supposed to be an intelligent country. I hope many have read this and take a breath and think instead of react

  2. The name “Rick Horowitz” among people of Jewish descent is like the names “Rick Smith,” or “Jesus Gonzales,” or…well, perhaps you get the point.

    I am not the “Rick Horowitz” who wrote the article to which you refer. He neither writes as well, looks as good, nor is as wonderful as me.

    Or so my wife tells me.

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