one of my award-winning photos, called The Calm Before the Storm shows a grape vineyard in winter with a roiling nasty set of storm clouds overhead

In spite of the creativity involved in being a criminal defense attorney, I find that I need an even more creative outlet.  From the pre-digital days of high school, when I processed my own film and cropped, dodged and burned (sometimes literally) my own images in the school darkroom or a makeshift darkroom in the bathroom at home, to the present with Photoshop, Corel Painter and digital cameras, I’ve been an avid photographer.

You can view my work on ModelMayhem and RickHorowitz.Photography.

For more on my artistic endeavors, read this post. To hire me for photographic, artistic (including advertising) or website design, send email to rick here at

*Today’s Featured Image is one of my award-winning photographs of a vineyard on a stormy California winter day. The winning image was done in black-and-white. Prints of it have sold for as high as $2800 (framed).

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