Initially envisioned as an “umbrella” website for All Things Rick and Wonderful, this site is primarily focused on my non-professional life. The website does contain links and featured articles from the other domains I maintain, both personal and professional.  The site will primarily contain original content written on a more personal level about my non-law-centered, non-photographic-centered interests.  Whereas some of my other sites have specific themes, like law, or photography, this one will become more of a catch-all. Knowing me, that means probably some more political style writing, such as I used to do on my older website, Unspun™.

I can’t say how often I’ll blog here. My primary focus needs to be on my business life, which means that I should probably do most of my blogging over at RHDefense, the website for my criminal defense practice. But with so many irons in the fire, it’s hard to blog anywhere. So don’t be surprised if this website gets short shrift.

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