image showing my website on a computer indicating that I unbroke my website

This is a really major irritation.  I’ve no idea how this happened, but apparently the Featured Content Carousel plug-in became activated on my website.  I don’t know if I was experimenting with something and didn’t realize what I’d done, or if it was some theme I tried out briefly and then deleted, or what.

At any rate, the Featured Content Carousel deactivated the slide-box on my main page, making me think it was broken.  I decided that this had happened because of the upgrade to WordPress 3.0 and decided I needed a new 3.0-compatible theme.  So I looked and looked — the theme I originally tweaked (Revolution Office) apparently no longer exists — and found something called Work Place from looked the closest to my theme.

Bought it; installed it; realized it was never going to work without major tweaking.  Complete waste of $75!

A little more poking around on the web and I discovered that the Revolution Office theme on which I based my theme stops working correctly if the Featured Content Carousel is installed and activated.

Deactivated the plug-in.  Problem solved.

I’m still out $75.

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