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Maintaining a “personal” blog has been an ongoing source of angst for me.  I (mostly) enjoy writing.  I’ve intermittently kept journals for years, although not-so-much in the last 10 years; my journaling these days is spotty, at best, and for reasons similar to those I anguish over regarding maintaining a personal blog.

Palin’s Portional

A lot of people have expressed puzzlement over Palin’s recent decision to quit the governorship of Alaska.  Rumors swirl about the reason behind her sudden departure.  An article at The Daily Beast proffers 11 reasons, but does not touch on the obvious.  (I would refer you to the actual Daily Beast article, but after noticing […]

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What a Wonderful World

Sometimes, with all the hours I put in at work, it’s hard to remember that the world can be a wonderful and interesting place.     Of course, one thing that always makes the world such a wonderful place is spotting a bunny! Thanks to Susan Cartier Liebel for the reminder.

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Uke Won't Believe This! (A Twitter Medley)

One of the great things about Twitter is the exposure you get to things you might never find on your own, but which you’re bound to like. Over time, the people you’re following tend to be interested in the same things you are. If you didn’t find them interesting, you’d stop following them. But none […]

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In my never-ending quest to find an outlet for the expression of my artisticalisticness, I have created my first ever self-portrait, using Photoshop. Yes, I know. But if you could just hold down the applause a little. Your neighbors are trying to sleep.

Peanuts Cause More Than A Brittle Scare

Apparently, that peanut butter thing is spinning larger. ABC (see link) is reporting that a Georgia plant knowingly shipped tainted products. Every peanut shipped from their plant – yes, I said that right, every peanut – for the last two years, is being recalled. AND SOME OF THOSE PEANUTS WENT INTO PET FOOD! The story […]

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