a joke of a drawing of myself, which looks barely better than if I had done a stick figure for my self-portrait


In my never-ending quest to find an outlet for the expression of my artisticalisticness, I have created my first ever self-portrait, using Photoshop. Yes, I know. But if you could just hold down the applause a little. Your neighbors are trying to sleep.
Close-Up Shot of Peanuts, which are the subject of a scary recall

Peanuts Cause More Than A Brittle Scare

Apparently, that peanut butter thing is spinning larger. ABC (see link) is reporting that a Georgia plant knowingly shipped tainted products. Every peanut shipped from their plant – yes, I said that right, every peanut – for the last two years, is being recalled. AND SOME OF THOSE PEANUTS WENT INTO PET FOOD! The story…
Bunny Chafowitz at a Craft Fair with her Booth

The Truth About Bunny Chafowitz

From time to time, I make reference to Bunny Chafowitz. “Who is Bunny Chafowitz?,” people ask.  “Is that her real name?” It can wait no longer.  The time has come.  I must tell you “The Truth About Bunny Chafowitz.” I must, also, warn you that it will at times be a somewhat sappy story.
Evolution of a Police State - Submitizens

Elsewhere, I'm Busily Blogging

Sometimes I wonder if it’s wise of me to try to maintain so many interests and, in particular, so many blogs.  This blog and website, of course, I consider my “personal” blog.  Most of my blogging, however, is done elsewhere, on my professional blogs. Recently, I’ve been much concerned about issues of personal freedom, the…
New Year party supplies on table with women drinking champagne

2009: A Giddy(-uhn) New Year!

If you’ve looked around my personal site here at all, you know that I enjoy playing around with graphic images with Photoshop.  Then @gideonstrumpet said, I need a new userpic. Maybe someone can glom a festive hat on my head. You may have heard the old saying, Be careful what you wish for! All I…
Rating sign, warning this post has been ratedN for Narrishkeit

Chopsticks & Jews: A Christmas Tradition

But that shouldn’t really be a problem, nu? This morning, there was some (very minimal) discussion on Twitter regarding the American Jewish Christmas Tradition of going out to a movie and a Chinese restaurant.  My wife — not a native-born member of the tribe — was puzzling over a minor objection I raised this morning…
A Person Solving a Crossword Puzzle

Let Me See

According to a quiz over at the Most Trusted Name in News (CNN), my “gaming style” is “Visual.”  This means I think in pictures and have a talent for building and designing things.  CNN suggests that I challenge my brain by doing crossword puzzles, or learning an new language. Just thought you might want to…
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image of Andrea which is the closest image I've ever shot to anything "fashion" related

A Darwinian Theory of Fashion Photography

(Unfortunately, as I haven’t (yet, anyway) done actual fashion photography, but rather normally shoot boudoir and artistic nudes, the Featured Image for this post is the closest I’ve ever shot. I hope you enjoy this “vintage boudoir” image of my favorite model, Andrea. She is, after all, the Most Winningest Model.) I’ve been reading an…
Banner for All Things Rick and Wonderful, the website of Rick Horowitz at rickhorowitz.com


RickHorowitz.com exists as a kind of “umbrella site” to tie together and showcase my various websites, interests and activities.  You may not care much about these things, and that’s fine by me.  I built this site primarily “because I can” and I wanted another website challenge. Here you’ll find information about and links to other…
one of my award-winning photos, called The Calm Before the Storm shows a grape vineyard in winter with a roiling nasty set of storm clouds overhead

Photography, Digital Art & Website Design

In spite of the creativity involved in being a criminal defense attorney, I find that I need an even more creative outlet.  From the pre-digital days of high school, when I processed my own film and cropped, dodged and burned (sometimes literally) my own images in the school darkroom or a makeshift darkroom in the…

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