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There Is Nothing Original About This Post

Well, okay, maybe this sentence here, where I say this is for my friends who are into this sort of thing.

Come on, Baby! Lets do weeweechu!
Come on, Baby! Let's do weeweechu!

It’s a romantic full moon, when Pedro said, “Hey, mamacita, let’s do Weeweechu.”

“Oh no, not now, let’s look at the moon!” said Rosita.

“Oh, c’mon baby, let’s you and I do Weeweechu. I love you and it’s the perfect time,” Pedro begged.

“But I wanna just hold your hand and watch the moon.” replied Rosita.

“Please, corazoncito, just once, do Weeweechu with me.”

Rosita looked at Pedro and said, “OK, one time, we’ll do Weeweechu.”

Pedro grabbed his guitar and they both sang…..

“Weeweechu a Merry Christmas,
“Weeweechu a Merry Christmas,
“Weeweechu a Merry Christmas,
“And a Happy New Year.”


Special thanks to Joya Wright, who sent this to me via email.

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