Banner for All Things Rick and Wonderful, the website of Rick Horowitz at exists as a kind of “umbrella site” to tie together and showcase my various websites, interests and activities.  You may not care much about these things, and that’s fine by me.  I built this site primarily “because I can” and I wanted another website challenge. Here you’ll find information about and links to other…
RHDefense is where I fight like I'm the third monkey, trying to get on Noah's Ark

Fresno Criminal Defense

I’ve been involved in the Internet since before it was commercially available.  While (somewhat) aimlessly pursuing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy, I became involved with some computer scientists and philosophers who were looking into neural networks and other cognitive science issues.  Without getting into too long of a story here, the ultimate point is that…
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Coming Soon Here, Now!

This will be the future is the site for Rick Horowitz. As promised, it will tie together “All things Rick™,” including other websites belonging to Rick and, possibly, links to his Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Linked-In and other sites. (You can see a list of my own current websites in the sidebar. Or, if you are…

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