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I Broke My Site

Well, it looks like I broke RickHorowitz — my website, anyway. At least, I broke the “slideshow” function at the top of the page. You’re probably tired of hearing me say this (you who might have found this blog via some Google search and then started reading several of the articles, even though the site…
a picture of Zeus at a laptop computer expresses my excitement over a new laptop to replace my ancient computer, but this new one was laughable

Woo-hoo! (New Laptop)

In keeping with my commitment to writing more frequently, I’ve recently purchased a more portable laptop. I bought a Gateway LT2030u. It’s red and weighs about 2.5 or so pounds. It’s tiny! But the keyboard is managable, even with my hands. I bought this one because it came with a 250 GB hard drive, 1…
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Nothing to See

Advance warning: This is essentially stream of consciousness writing. It’s unedited. If you become bored with it…well, you’ve been warned. I went out last night and bought my first-ever copy of Writer’s Market. Other than the fact that someone told me to do it, I’m still not sure why. I think it’s because I’d like…
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Reading, Writing & The Absence of Presence

The astute amongst us will note that I have not written for…um…a long time.  Yowser!, has it really been almost three months!  Who’s keeping my calendar, anyway?! Seriously, though, I’ve been busy reading.  And writing.
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JDSupra Profile

Occasionally, I used to post some of my legal writing to my profile on the JDSupra website. I don’t post a lot there for a variety of reasons.  After all, a big part of my living is made by writing motions for other attorneys.  If I give too much away, I reduce my ability to…

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