one of my award-winning photos, called The Calm Before the Storm shows a grape vineyard in winter with a roiling nasty set of storm clouds overhead

Photography, Digital Art & Website Design

In spite of the creativity involved in being a criminal defense attorney, I find that I need an even more creative outlet.  From the pre-digital days of high school, when I processed my own film and cropped, dodged and burned (sometimes literally) my own images in the school darkroom or a makeshift darkroom in the…
An AI-generated image depicting issues with image sizing shows a small man in front of a vast computer, images and colors abound and proportions are not realistic

Image Sizing

This is an old post about problems I had when I was developing the first version of this website. I’ve added this paragraph, and a Featured Image, but otherwise left it alone for posterity. Image sizing seems to be a problem.  From what I can tell from the code, there is just one way to…

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