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Formerly known as “So Shoot Me!®,” RickHorowitz.Photography is the website where I showcase my photography. I am, as you can read there, an award-winning photographer. As the About page for So Shoot Me!® notes, I blog at unpredictable times and intervals.  However, I’ve been blogging a lot more frequently there these days. Although by day I am a…
chalkboard with quote that you must either modify your dreams or magnify your skills

Reading, Writing & The Absence of Presence

The astute amongst us will note that I have not written for…um…a long time.  Yowser!, has it really been almost three months!  Who’s keeping my calendar, anyway?! Seriously, though, I’ve been busy reading.  And writing.
image of Andrea which is the closest image I've ever shot to anything "fashion" related

A Darwinian Theory of Fashion Photography

(Unfortunately, as I haven’t (yet, anyway) done actual fashion photography, but rather normally shoot boudoir and artistic nudes, the Featured Image for this post is the closest I’ve ever shot. I hope you enjoy this “vintage boudoir” image of my favorite model, Andrea. She is, after all, the Most Winningest Model.) I’ve been reading an…
one of my award-winning photos, called The Calm Before the Storm shows a grape vineyard in winter with a roiling nasty set of storm clouds overhead

Photography, Digital Art & Website Design

In spite of the creativity involved in being a criminal defense attorney, I find that I need an even more creative outlet.  From the pre-digital days of high school, when I processed my own film and cropped, dodged and burned (sometimes literally) my own images in the school darkroom or a makeshift darkroom in the…

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