a video with the music of It's a Wonderful World plays against a background of the Runaway Bunny

What a Wonderful World

Sometimes, with all the hours I put in at work, it’s hard to remember that the world can be a wonderful and interesting place. Sadly, the video that originally appeared here no longer exists. So, enjoy this one, instead: Of course, one thing that always makes the world such a wonderful place is spotting a…
Bunny Chafowitz at a Craft Fair with her Booth

The Truth About Bunny Chafowitz

From time to time, I make reference to Bunny Chafowitz. “Who is Bunny Chafowitz?,” people ask.  “Is that her real name?” It can wait no longer.  The time has come.  I must tell you “The Truth About Bunny Chafowitz.” I must, also, warn you that it will at times be a somewhat sappy story.

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