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I just realized (today) that I’ve had a button hanging out on the main page for a long time with nothing linked to it, so I figure I better talk about this blog, my other blogs, and my writing generally. I built and maintain most of my websites, and they always include blogs.

Read on, and you’ll see that I don’t just blog. I’m also a “real” published writer. (Har-har.)

Law Blogging

Naturally, since my primary work is as a criminal defense lawyer, most of my blogging is also related to that work. The blog itself started out being called “Probable Cause: The Legal Blog with the Really Low Standard of Review.” But then I hired someone to help me come up with a new design, and they programmed it without the proper banner for the blog.

I still refer to it as Probable Cause, but until I find the time to get in and fix the banner issue myself, it doesn’t show up that way anymore.

Photography Blog

The first thing to do is to warn you! The main type of photography I do these days involves artistic nudes. So my photography website is Not Safe For Work! This is often abbreviated NSFW.

photo of my 1955 Ford F100 named "Art" which now sports the license plate "ART NSFW" because I do mostly nude photography
An old image of ART NSFW, my 1955 Ford F-100, before he got his plate

In fact, I have an old red 1955 Ford F-100 pickup with “ART NSFW” as the license plate, which I hope one day will also sport the photography logo and website in the rear window. (I currently have a new mechanic working on it for me, after the last one basically just took my money without really fixing much of anything.)

The photography website doesn’t get much love these days. I keep meaning to change that, but I do have a lot of things on my plate. For one, I’ve been working on creating Patreon, OnlyFans, and YouTube sites for my photography projects. (As I write this, there’s almost nothing at any of those links. In fact, though the accounts are approved, I haven’t even clicked the Launch button on the Patreon account yet.

On the YouTube account, which I’ve had for some long time now, you’ll just fine some test files I posted (of me singing) to figure out how things work. But my longer-term plan will be to interview artists, including photographers, including models, about their work, and other things relating to artistic endeavors.


Unspun™ is a blog I maintained for many, many years. It’s still online, and probably will be for a long time, just for historical purposes. I don’t really write there any more.

I started Unspun™ years ago as a reaction to Bill O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone.” He was, of course — maybe still is, but I believe he’s irrelevant these days — the ultimate spinmeister. Nobody spun things better.

As you might imagine, based on what I’ve said about it already, Unspun™ was/is primarily about politics.

It’s almost mostly written before I was a lawyer.

Personal Blog

This blog — the one you’re reading right now — is my latest personal blog. It was meant to replace Unspun™ (see above), but I really have given it almost no attention, as you can probably tell.

I don’t get as excited these days about discussing politics. It seems to me an immense waste of time. Not only that, there seems to be no upside to it. Regardless of what is happening in the political world, it seems there isn’t much I can do to influence it (although I do vote), and it really mostly doesn’t seem to impact me personally anymore. I’ve learned to (mostly) insulate myself.

Although Trump did destroy my family.

Who knows? Maybe if I can find more time for writing, and I have something to say that doesn’t fit either on my photography blog, or my law blog, I’ll put it here.

Just don’t hold your breath.

Other Writing

I don’t just blog. I’ve done other writing in the past. Many years ago, I wrote a chapter for a book on Migrating Windows 2000 to NT, where the main author was a Microsoft Canada employee.

Most recently, I wrote an article (behind a membership wall, so I can’t link it) for the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice. If you’re a member, the article appeared in the Forum, volume 46.2 pp. 52-59 (2020). The title is “The Supreme Reconstruction & Redemption of Civil Rights: A look at Jamison v. McClendon and Qualified Immunity.”


I like to write. I’ve done a lot of it.

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