All Things Rick™ exists as a kind of “umbrella site” to tie together and showcase my various websites, interests and activities.  You may not care much about these things, and that’s fine by me.  I built this site primarily “because I can” and I wanted another website challenge.

Here you’ll find information about and links to other places where I’m active on the Internet, including websites I’ve built for my law practice and photographic activities, as well as my profiles on websites such as Facebook, JDSupra, Twitter and more.

Because functions as the site for All Things Rick™, it focuses primarily on my non-lawyering activities, both personal and those non-law-related things for which I’m sometimes paid (like photography).

Photography, Digital Art & Website Design

In spite of the creativity involved in being a criminal defense attorney, I find that I need an even more creative outlet.  From the pre-digital days of high school, when I processed my own film and cropped, dodged and burned (sometimes literally) my own images in the school darkroom or a makeshift darkroom in the bathroom at home, to the present with Photoshop, Corel Painter and digital cameras, I’ve been an avid photographer.

You can view my work on ModelMayhem and So Shoot Me!®

For more on my artistic endeavors, read this post. To hire me for photographic, artistic (including advertising) or website design, send email to rick over here at

Letting My Hair Down


Self-Portrait (Click to Enlarge)

This site is where I let my hair down. Everyone is different in private life versus professional life; everyone is entitled to both. Don’t judge my professionalism or ability as an attorney by what you might see on this site.  This site is meant to allow me some self- expression and enjoyment that isn’t necessarily related to what I do as a criminal defense lawyer.